Exciting News

Exciting News

Lady Hershey and Mr. Linguini are super excited to share some updates to the Sleep-Cozy.ca website!

Tail wagging updates include:

Little Stories Branding

Matching the Little Stories book covers – now you can remember Lady Hershey and Mr. Linguini whenever you see the new logo!

New Look

Officially approved by Lady Hershey and Mr. Linguini, the new SleepCozy.ca website showcases the Little Stories book collection and all the places you can get your very own copy including: Amazon, Walmart and Barnes & Noble

Sleep Cozy Audio Book

Available on Audible and iTunes, you can now listen to the audio book version of Sleep Cozy – how pawsome is that?

If you live in the United States or United Kingdom, Lady Hershey and Mr. Linguini worked out a special offer with Audible just for you.  Head on over to the Sleep Cozy page to copy one of the promo codes for your discount!

New Book – Paper Daisies

Lady Hershey and Mr. Linguini have been keep busy coming up with stories, and are happy to announce the addition of book #9, Paper Daisies to the Little Stories book collection!

Colouring Pages

Did you know you can download, print and colour in a colouring page from each of the books in the Little Stories book collection?

Be sure to send Lady Hershey and Mr. Linguini a message with your colouring page so we can add it to our website!

So what do you think?
Pretty exciting stuff huh?
Want to share the excitement with Lady Hershey and Mr. Linguini, leave a comment below!

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