Website Launch for

With wagging tales and pants of excitement, Lady Hershey & Mr. Linguini share the launch of the new website, home of Little Stories for Girls and Boys!

The website offers quick and easy access to information about the Sleep Cozy book, including a very easy to use online shopping experience (currently available to North American customers), to place an order of the children’s book Sleep Cozy, making a secure payment processed by PayPal.

International visitors are encouraged to get in touch by sending a message for shipping rates – please be sure to include your city/town, postal/zip code and country for accurate shipping rates.

Update: Visitors may now order directly from Amazon and other online retailers.  Be sure to check the Marketplace for all available options!

Sleep Cozy, is mobile and tablet responsive, so readers can visit from any device for easy access to the clean and uncluttered content, including a blog to stay up to date with Lady Hershey & Mr. Linguini’s latest announcements.

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